Property Inventory Using the Departmental Download

Using the Departmental Download

In the WSU Property System, the download by department is called Departmental Data Download. Type DEPTDNLD or enter the corresponding menu number (which will vary depending on your authorization level). Enter your criteria and press F8 to submit. You will receive an e-mail message with your file name and instructions for retrieving it from the University’s mainframe computer (requires FTP or similar program).

The file you download is in text format and will require parsing to put the data into a usable format. Import templates files are available below for Microsoft Excel and Access. Instructions for using the templates are in the files themselves. If you prefer to use a different application, field widths and specifications are also available below in MS Word format. All files are in compressed self-extracting format.

If you use any of the import templates above, you will need to change the file name extension to .txt so that it will be recognized as a text file. Specifically, if you use one of the Excel templates, you will need to name file Download.txt and save it in your C: directory. If you wish to use a different directory or file name, follow the instructions in the Excel template file itself. If you select the Access template, any directory or file name will work as long as the file name has a .txt extension.

IMPORTANT: Equipment records remain in the Property System for a period of time after they are marked as disposed of. You will probably want to delete any record which has a valid date in the DISPOSAL DATE field.